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The Gifting Advent Calendar Craze

Christmas really has come early! – The rise of the Advent calendar It can’t have escaped your notice that as a nation we have gone advent calendar crazy this year.  A growing trend over recent years, advent calendars are no longer limited to chocolates but now include, health and beauty, gadgets, toys, alcohol and food […]

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The power and influence of character products

The influence of character products I remember buying character products in my role as a Stationery buyer at Sainsbury’s. It was so important to select the right character licenses and capitalise on the window of opportunity for peak sales when new films were coming out. Now I am a parent I have a new perspective. The influence […]

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My First Year as a Back to School Parent

My First Year as a Back to School Parent – Shopping for School Uniform Having spent three years buying the Back to School stationery range for a well known retailer, this year I have become a member of the school mums’ club. Whilst my son doesn’t require his own stationery items for school yet, I […]

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